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Santa Clara

Santa Clara gun buyback successful, but falls short of expectations

SANTA CLARA COUNTY – On Saturday June 6, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office kicked their first Gun Buy Back event since 2013.  In a campaign to reduce the amount

Santa Clara

Illegal guns found during local SJPD Sobriety/Driver License Checkpoint

Efforts within San Jose Police Department to control gun violence have begun with offering overtime to patrol officers who wish to participate in Sobriety/Driver License Checkpoints, in which a number

Santa Clara

Crowdfunding nets 445 firearms in San Jose

San Jose’s gun buyback event brought in more than 400 rifles and hand guns. Community Sponsors supported the project to help curb violence on San Jose streets, which started with

Santa Clara

Increase in Homicides leads to SJPD gun buyback program

The San Jose Police department is holding their first gun buyback program since the mid-80’s, when homicide rates were reaching all time records. The event will be held this Saturday, December