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Good fences made a bad neighbor

Robert Frost used the line “Good fences make good neighbors” in his poem “Mending Wall”, but what if a neighbor steals your fence? The town of Caspar is a small


Trio suspected of Grand Theft – Burl

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s department announced today the resolution of the theft of a big piece of redwood. This wasn’t just any chunk of wood however, it was a redwood


Game Warden finds burglar in the woods

FORT BRAGG – MENDOCINO COUNTY – It was the afternoon of Halloween, at about 3:20 pm, when a Game Warden with the California Fish and Wildlife Department was traveling north


Finders keepers?

A young man from Fort Bragg must have been following the “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers” law that he learned on the playground. Christofer Ryan McNeill, 18 of Fort Bragg, must