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Juvenile arrested with cache of various drugs

Photo: confiscated drugs Originally published as a Kern County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post –  “On May 24, 2021, at approximately 11:30 a.m., Kern County Sheriff’s Office deputies assigned to the

Contra Costa

Bond Set at $500,000 for an Errant Driver Caught with Methamphetamine

PITTSBURG — A man who crashed his car while transporting a pound of methamphetamine is being held in custody in lieu $500,000 bond. The suspect was arrested after being pursued


Five Busted for Burglary and Drugs

Photo: Morales and Segovia  May 17, 2021 – Ventura County, Ca. It was a busy day for law enforcement working Ventura’s waterfront area on the afternoon of May 11th .


Teen Arrested with Guns and Drugs

Photo: Jadden Dempsey May 18, 2021 – Ventura County, Ca. Some boys never seem to outgrow their childhood interest in playing with guns, as evidenced by the May 14 th


Automotive Repair Shop Owner Suspected of Drug Trafficking

Photo: Ricardo Gallardo DUBLIN — An automotive repair shop owner has criminal charges pending in connection with suspected drug trafficking. Authorities arrested him earlier this month and confiscated cocaine, a

Santa Barbara

Busted and Booked on 10 Charges with No Bail

Photo: ghost gun May 5, 2021 – Santa Barbara County, Ca. One way an individual can earn some guaranteed special attention from cops is to have them see you committing

San Francisco


Photo: from this incident Originally published as a San Francisco Police Department Facebook post – On 04/23/2021, SSFPD officers located three suspects from Dublin California who were involved in a series


Drug Dealer Busted Hiding Drugs in Dog Treats

Photo: Karen Hernandez April 17, 2021 – Ventura County, Ca. There appears to be no limit to the inventiveness of those involved in criminal activities as they work to avoid


A Pound of Meth and a Pound of Smack – Armed Felonious Gang Member Arrested

Photo: Dennis Ynguez  JURUPA – The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Gang Task Force extended their long arm of the law while reaching out at a former hot spot amidst reports


Drug house has meth, 11 illegal guns and cash

Photo: what one pound of meth looks like Originally published as a Glenn County Sheriff’s Office press release – “Orland, CA- On April 15, 2021, members of the Glenn Investigations