Arizona man spending holidays in Nevada County Jail

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Arizona man spending holidays in Nevada County Jail

   Nevada County Sheriff’s deputies teamed up with Nevada City Police early Sunday (Dec. 28) morning to capture an Arizona man suspected of breaking into a  residence near Banner Lava

Visalia Woman Has Christmas Spirits, Gets Arrested

One Central Valley woman took her Christmas spirits in drinkable form this holiday eve and ended up on the naughty list.

Identity thief uses stolen check, tips off police

ROCKLIN — (Dec. 23) Rocklin police arrested a pair of Sacramento women on suspicion oif identity theft and other charges.

Citrus Heights cops arrest alleged rapist

CITRUS HEIGHT — (Dec. 22) A 29-year-old Carmichael man is in jail after his arrest by Citrus Heights police officers for an alleged sexual assault.

Interstate pursuit ends with arrest, search for other suspect.

ROCKLIN — (Dec. 16) A 30-year-old North Highlands man was arrested for burglary and possession of stolen property after a high speed pursuit Tuesday afternoon.

Man arrested for Halloween murder

SACRAMENTO — (Dec. 12) Sheriff’s homicide detectives arrested 19-year-old Joseph Raymond Buttelo, 2600 block of Bell Street, in connection with the Halloween murder of Gustavo Lopez.

Stolen Car Chase Ends in Crash, K9 Pursuit, Arrest

Visalia Police officers’ alert eyes, quick reaction and driving skills recovered a Visalia resident’s stolen car early on December 15.

Roseville man arrested for torturing, killing animals

Calif. — (Dec. 9)  A 23-year-old Roseville man was arrested Tuesday night  for torturing and killing a number of guinea pigs then dumping their remains near a local roadway, according to Dee

Four Arrested on Burglary Charges in Visalia

Shopping can be a bit frantic at this time of year, but grabbing the goods got downright illicit at a Visalia retail store. Four people weren’t stuffing stockings on December

Beach Masturbation Disrupts Ocean View In Newport

NEWPORT BEACH, CA: A Newport Beach resident witnessed more than surfers, joggers and seagulls when taking in the view of the beach Friday (Dec. 12) morning.