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Teen carjacking suspects lead San Leandro and Oakland Police on wild rides

An 18-year-old man and three juvenile males were arrested on suspicion of armed carjacking in San Leandro last Thursday night, arrests that came only after two high-speed police pursuits and


The real McCoy and the replica pellet gun

Oakland resident Carl Jodecee McCoy, 22, is the real deal, a “real goer,” as he calls himself on his Facebook page. He loves guns. He loves having his picture taken


Harley Rider’s ‘California Stop’ Leads to Concealed Weapons Arrest in San Leandro

Rudolph Peter Maya isn’t big on rules and regulations. According to a press release from the San Leandro Police Department, the 38-year-old was riding his Harley Davidson west on Marina

San Mateo

Fire chief burned in connection to wife’s phony credit card scheme

Apparently Mark Ladas’ $216,062 annual salary wasn’t enough to cover his and his wife’s expenses. The 50-year-old chief of the Central County Fire Department, which serves Burlingame and Hillsborough, was

Marin San Francisco

Soused “Apple specialist” drives car onto Golden Gate Bridge walkway, gets stuck, gets arrested

It’s a good thing 22-year-old San Francisco resident Daniel Micah Soto did his sightseeing early Tuesday morning. Apparently, he wanted a choice view from the Golden Gate Bridge. Or maybe

Alameda San Francisco

Two San Francisco skinheads sentenced for series of five Bay Area bank robberies

Luckert & Martin. Sounds like a comedy duo, doesn’t it? They’re not. They’re a bank-robbing duo. A skinhead bank-robbing duo. Nothing funny about these two. San Francisco residents Michael Luckert,

San Mateo

San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff, two correctional officers busted for smuggling contraband to jail inmates

“Juan Lopez will restore integrity to the leadership of the Office of Sheriff in San Mateo County.” So boasted Juan Lopez’s campaign website for Sheriff of San Mateo County. Lopez


Fremont police nab fugitive armed robbery suspect

Give Deandre McLeod props for pulling out every trick in the book to elude arrest for armed robbery. If only he applied his ingenuity to legitimate means of making money.


Gun Waving Incident Leads to Arrest of Violent Felon in Fremont

It started with a heated argument. It ended a day later with 33-year-old Jesus Padilla being taken into police custody by a posse of sorts consisting of units from the

San Mateo

Tax Preparer Swindles Daly City Woman Out of Huge Return

We all feel a little stressed, confused and, yes, even ripped off each year around tax time. It’s why we hire professional tax preparers: To expertly navigate the labyrinth of