Robbery Arrest in Granite Bay

Robbery Arrest in Granite Bay
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In a recent development, law enforcement officials have announced the successful recovery of stolen property valued at over $50,000 from a burglary investigation centered around the Bayside area of Granite Bay. The investigation, which spanned several weeks, culminated in the apprehension of 41-year-old Spencer Bron from Citrus Heights.

The breakthrough in the case occurred approximately a week ago when deputies responded to an alarm at the Bayside campus and encountered Bron near the premises. Upon conducting a search, deputies discovered burglary tools and a set of keys to Bayside in Bron’s possession, leading to his immediate arrest. Subsequently, investigators continued their diligent efforts to unravel the intricacies of the case.

As the investigation progressed, detectives uncovered a storage unit linked to Bron. A thorough search of the unit revealed a substantial cache of Bayside property, estimated to be valued at over $50,000.

Below is a video from Placer County Sheriff’s Office:

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