Police Arrest Six Suspects in Connection with Robbery-Homicide in West Sacramento

Police Arrest Six Suspects in Connection with Robbery-Homicide in West Sacramento
Originally published 10-2-23 via Facebook
by the West Sacramento Police Department:

“On 8/12/23, WSPD was dispatched to a single vehicle collision on Reed Ave in the area of I-80. The driver was ultimately pronounced deceased and at the time, police and medical personnel at the scene believed he had perished from the vehicle collision. On 8/14/23, a forensic autopsy revealed that the victim had in fact sustained a gunshot wound which had killed him within minutes, and likely caused him to crash; the death was ruled a homicide.

The Investigations Division was notified of the autopsy findings and immediately set out in search of clues. Despite being 48 hours removed from the incident, Detectives were able to generate several leads with the assistance of the victim’s family and Police Patrol. In the following weeks, through subsequent investigation, Detectives identified multiple suspects, and vehicles, and determined that the victim was illegally in possession of marijuana for sale, and was in the area of Ikea Ct for the purpose of brokering an illegal sale of marijuana.

Robbers laid in wait, springing on the victim, ultimately shooting him as he fled, causing him to perish a short distance away on Reed Avenue.  4 adults and 2 juveniles were ultimately identified as being involved in the robbery attempt which resulted in the homicide. The expended casing from the lethal shot was also forensically determined to match casings from two other criminal shootings in the Sacramento region, which are still under investigation. In early September, one suspect was arrested in Sparks, NV along with a simultaneous arrest of a second suspect in Sacramento County. And two additional suspects were taken into custody in West Sacramento.

As of the end of September, all 6 suspects have been apprehended and booked into Yolo County Jail. This was an extraordinary case requiring extensive hours of hard work and unwavering tenacity from the men and women of the WSPD Investigations Division. We would also like to thank the Sparks Police Department, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, for their partnership in the safe apprehension of these suspects, and the pursuit of justice for the victim’s family.”

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