Repeat Peeping Tom arrested In El Dorado County

Repeat Peeping Tom arrested In El Dorado County
Photo: Image of Suspect being taken into custody| El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office
Story Originally Published By: El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office

“In 2020, EDSO Detectives began an investigation into an individual who was captured on surveillance looking through windows. The subject was later identified as Darren Duncan out of Cameron Park. In spring of 2020, Duncan was arrested for multiple misdemeanor counts of peeping and was released on bail. In 2022, Darren was again arrested for misdemeanor peeping and released on bail. Upon his release, he was placed on probation, to include an ankle monitor. All of his previous charges are currently pending trial.

Detectives continued to track his GPS locations and followed up with any suspicious activity reports in the area. In early summer of 2023, Detectives were made aware of numerous suspicious activity reports in the 3000 block of Granada Court, Cameron Park. Upon further investigation, Detectives suspect Duncan may have committed numerous misdemeanor peeping offenses along with a restraining order violation from a previous victim.

A search warrant and arrest warrant were authored and served on July 5th. During the search, Detectives located numerous items of evidentiary value that will need further investigation. Duncan was successfully taken into custody and is currently being held on half a million dollar bail in the El Dorado County Jail.

Based on the evidence obtained during the search, coupled with Duncan’s logged GPS activity, we believe there may be numerous unidentified victims, to include possible burglaries and trespasses that victims were not aware of. If you believe you may have been a victim, please contact Detective Macres at 530-642-4718 (desk) or 530-957-5227 (cell, texting available) or email at”

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