Illegal Weapons arrest in Santa Clara County

Illegal Weapons arrest in Santa Clara County
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Weapons evidence collected during arrest | Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office

In a significant operation conducted on June 23, 2023, at 1:12 PM, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputies, operating under the Special Enforcement Division, successfully apprehended Russell Larson Charling (41). The arrest followed the execution of an arrest and search warrant, shedding light on an alarming situation involving Charling’s possession of illegal firearms.

Authorities had been familiar with Charling due to his extensive history of involvement in incidents requiring law enforcement intervention. Presently, a criminal restraining order prohibits him from making any contact with his ex-wife and children, reflecting the gravity of previous encounters. During a prior arrest, Charling’s ownership of multiple firearms had led to their confiscation, rendering him ineligible to own or possess firearms of any kind.

The investigation into Charling’s activities revealed distressing information, prompting concerns about public safety. Law enforcement learned that Charling was allegedly in possession of illegal assault rifles, exacerbating the already volatile situation. Reports indicated that his behavior had been increasingly erratic and aggressive, accompanied by threats to shoot any encountered law enforcement officers. Charling’s statements conveyed his readiness to engage with law enforcement, further heightening the urgency surrounding the case.

In response to the potential threat posed by Charling and his prohibited status, deputies obtained a search warrant for his residence in San Martin, as well as an arrest warrant. The objectives of the operation were to secure the suspect and to locate and seize any illegal contraband in his possession.

During the execution of the residential search warrant, law enforcement officers discovered a range of illegal items indicative of Charling’s unlawful activities. The recovered items included three illegal assault-style rifles, a “ghost” semi-automatic handgun, and various components and building materials associated with the creation of untraceable firearms, commonly referred to as “ghost guns.” In addition, suspected methamphetamine and cocaine were found, underscoring the potential presence of drug-related offenses. Furthermore, high-capacity ammunition magazines and over 1,500 rounds of ammunition were seized, accentuating the grave threat Charling posed to public safety.

Charling now faces a host of charges, including but not limited to possession of illegal firearms, drug-related offenses, and violations of the criminal restraining order. The legal process will proceed to hold him accountable for his actions, while ensuring that the public remains protected from potential harm.

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