Four Arrested for Alleged Large Scale Illegal Marijuana Cultivation in Yuba County

Four Arrested for Alleged Large Scale Illegal Marijuana Cultivation in Yuba County

Four people were arrested in Yuba County in connection with the alleged illegal cultivation or marijuana, during the process of which numerous environmental violations were discovered, according to a press release by the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department.

On Wednesday, April 26, the Marijuana Enforcement Team conducted a search warrant at a residence located on the 14700 block of Fountain House Road. The operation resulted in the discovery of an extensive illegal marijuana cultivation site and led to the arrest of four individuals. The incident has also raised significant environmental concerns due to hazardous materials dumped in a nearby pond, impacting the local fish and wildlife, the Sheriff’s Office said.

During the operation, law enforcement officials discovered 1,720 marijuana plants being cultivated on the property, far exceeding the legal limit for both medical and recreational use. Adjacent to the cultivation site, investigators found a large pond containing submerged bags of acid-based soil, which were allegedly used in the cultivation process.

In addition to the hazardous soil bags, the deputies reportedly discovered plastic bags, plastic pots, pieces of lumber, and discarded soil and hazardous materials in and around the pond. These actions have had a notable negative impact on the environment, specifically affecting the fish and wildlife populations in the Foothill Community.

Further searches within the residence and other structures on the property led to the discovery of several ecstasy pills, drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine, opium, 500 pounds of processed marijuana, and two firearms. As a result, four individuals were apprehended and taken into custody.

The suspects, identified as Lo Saephan (40), Johnny Saephan (27), Muang Saephan (67), and Yao Saephan (63), were arrested on suspicion of illegal marijuana cultivation with environmental violations, possession of marijuana for sales, maintaining a drug house, and conspiracy. They were subsequently booked at the Yuba County jail.

Local authorities are taking the necessary steps to address the environmental damage caused by the hazardous materials dumped in the pond. Efforts are underway to restore the affected ecosystem and mitigate any further harm to the fish and wildlife in the area.

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