Man Accused of Reaching for Weapon During Traffic Stop

Man Accused of Reaching for Weapon During Traffic Stop
Photo: Courtesy of Placer County Sheriff’s Office
Originally Published By: Placer County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

“The following case is a stark reminder of how quickly a situation can turn deadly for our deputies, and how repetitive training plays an integral part in keeping our deputies and the community safe.

On September 26th at 10 p.m., a Placer County Sheriff’s deputy conducted a traffic stop near the Colfax Market. The deputy contacted the driver who shortly after began to reach for an item on the floorboard. The suspect’s driver’s side window was heavily tinted, and the deputy could not see what he was doing. After multiple failed commands by the deputy to get the suspect to open the door, the deputy used his baton to shatter the driver’s side window to see what the suspect was reaching for. The suspect continued to ignore the deputy’s commands to stop reaching for the floorboard, and the deputy warned him he will be pepper sprayed if he does not comply; the suspect did not listen to the deputy, who then deployed the spray. Deputies then detained the suspect and found a P226 Sig Sauer pellet gun on the floorboard where the suspect had his feet. The suspect, 37-year-old Zachariah Wright of Kings Beach, was arrested for resisting a peace officer and his felony warrant.”

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