Wingstop armed robber caught just after his crime

Wingstop armed robber caught just after his crime
Photo: Keon Harrison in action

Originally published as a Vacaville Police Department Facebook post – 

“Keon Harrison, 21 year old Vacaville resident, was arrested for the armed robbery of our local Wingstop (2011 Harbison Drive).

Last Friday night, around 10:40pm, the employee working the front counter at Wingstop was met with every night clerk’s worst fear, an armed robbery. The extremely brave employee quickly called 911 after the suspect fled the scene.

Information about what had occurred and what the suspect looked like was broadcasted to officers, who immediately flooded the area. A short time later, an extremely vigilant citizen from the 3000 block of Harbison Drive called our dispatch center to report a suspicious person in the stairwell of their apartment complex.

With the suspicious person fitting the description of the Wingstop suspect, patrol officers quickly set up an arrest team. Ultimately, the subject was located hiding in the stairwell. This subject was identified as Keon Harrison.

Harrison complied with officers commands, and was quickly and safely detained. Harrison was positively identified as the same subject who had just robbed the Wingstop. Additionally, distinctive clothing items and a gun matching the description of the one seen in the video were found in the same stairwell officers located Harrison in.

We tip our hats to the courageous employee from Wingstop and give thanks to the observant resident from Harbison Drive. We could not have located Harrison without their help. Another great example of Vacaville residents coming together as a community to curb crime in our city. Thank you!

For media inquiries please contact Sgt Cardona at (707) 410-6086



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