Man to serve time in jail for desecrating synagogue

Man to serve time in jail for desecrating synagogue

Originally published as a Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office press release

“The Honorable William Lebov sentenced Nicholas Sherman to 180 days county jail and two years formal probation after Sherman pled to a felony count of desecrating a religious symbol on the property of the Shalom Le Israel synagogue in Carmichael.

Sherman also pled to a misdemeanor count of terrorism by symbol for placing flyers with a Nazi swastika on the Deterding Elementary School grounds.  A specific condition of Sherman’s probation is he cannot possess Aryan Nations propaganda in a way to disseminate it to the public and is also on Search and Seizure including all electronic devices.

On October 4, 2021, Sherman left zip lock bags containing Aryan Nations flyers on home doorsteps in Carmichael and on the grounds of an elementary school.  Many of the flyers had a hand drawn swastika on the back or a printed swastika on the front.  Sherman was captured on video surveillance systems and his prints were found on the zip lock bags. On October 20, 2021, Sherman taped paper to the menorah and metal fence at a synagogue with anti-Jewish wording and photos of Hitler.

This case was investigated by the Sheriff’s Bias Crimes Unit and prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Hate Crimes Unit.”



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