Three arrests in two overnight incidents in Santa Cruz

Three arrests in two overnight incidents in Santa Cruz

Originally published as a Santa Cruz Police Department Facebook post – 

“GREAT WORK | Acting Sgt Crowell’s Patrol Team handled business last night. SCPD calls for service included Occupied Residential Burglary Arrest & ProActive Patrol Net Drugs & Felon.

Case 21S-07805 | Officers immediately responded to 100 block Wendell Street to an occupied residential burglary. The home residents did all of these right things when they heard someone breaking in:

1. Quickly & quietly verify the intruder’s presence.

2. Stay calm.

3. Call the Police

4. Stay put & out of sight if you can’t escape.

5. Keep quiet and follow SCPD/ Dispatch instructions.

Santa Cruz Police highly commends this family for their steady actions in this highly stressful situation. Officers maintained constant direct phone contact with the family to reassure them, as the patrol team, with canine assistance, conducted a systematic search of the home and apprehension of the burglar.

Found hiding in a closet, the suspect, Alexander Wright, 32 years old from Redondo Beach, went to jail after being medically cleared from the canine’s bite at discovery.

Case 21S-07804 | Officer Fletes contacted three subjects in a parked vehicle on 300 block of Evergreen Street during a proactive check of the Harvey West area. The registration was expired, and drug paraphernalia and suspected drugs were observed in plain view. Officers searched the car and located heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine for sales, scales, packaging material, and cash. The cocaine and meth were in bulk, and the heroin was individually packaged for sales.

SCPD arrested Mathew Feemster, 53 years old from Watsonville, for possession of the narcotics mentioned above, drug paraphernalia, and an out-of-state warrant. Going to jail with Mr. Feemster was Nathan Young, 57 years old transient, arrested for possession of drugs and narcotics sales.

We are working hard to keep the community safe!”



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