Man burglarizes school on Sunday, steals portable radios

Man burglarizes school on Sunday, steals portable radios
Photo: Jared J. Todd
Originally published as a Sonora Police Department Facebook post
“39-year-old Jared J Todd of Sonora was arrested for a burglary at a local elementary school. Thanks to good teamwork between a school employee and our agency, Todd was located and taken into custody in just over an hour of the crime.
On Sunday, May 9, just before noon, the Sonora Police Department responded to Sonora Elementary for a burglary alarm. Officer Brickley checked the building and found the doors and windows secure and no signs of suspicious activity.
Not long afterward, the school maintenance manager contacted Officer Brickley by phone and told him five portable radios had been stolen from the teacher’s lounge. While on the phone, the maintenance supervisor checked the surveillance video and relayed to Officer Brickley that he observed a male subject, later identified as Todd, looking into windows and checking doors on campus.
Officer Brickley responded to the school and reviewed the video. He was immediately able to identify Todd from prior contacts.
Officer Brickley checked the area, located Todd at a nearby park, and confronted him about the theft. Todd admitted to the crime and was ultimately taken into custody. Officer Brickley discovered the stolen radios and an extra antenna in Todd’s backpack.
Todd was booked at the Tuolumne County Jail on felony burglary charges. He is also on CDC parole for robbery. The value of the stolen property was estimated at approximately $12,000. We are unsure how Todd gained access to the teacher’s lounge.”
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