Black man assaults elderly Middle-eastern man

Black man assaults elderly Middle-eastern man
Photo: Nicholas Andre Kimmons in a 2020 Facebook photo

EL CERRITO – A call came in to El Cerrito Police on the afternoon of April 29 that an assault had occurred at San Pablo and Potrero Avenues.

The suspect approached a  69-year-old Middle Eastern man and asked him for a cigarette. Upon being refused, the suspect then made race-based comments and punched the victim in the head, rendering him unconscious.

Officers arrived and located the suspect nearby. The suspect refused to comply with the officers, so a “standing bear hug” was deployed to detain the suspect.

Handcuffed, the erratic suspect then refused to sit in the police car. ”  Officers used a WRAP device (made by Safe Restraints, Inc. to immobilize him and called for a medical response to evaluate his physical wellbeing.”

40-year-old Richmond resident Nicholas Andre Kimmons was taken to the hospital for a health check. Pending charges for felony battery with enhancements for a hate crime and elder abuse are due to follow.

The victim’s also “sought medical treatment for his injuries.”




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