Honey oil lab explosion damages apartment

Honey oil lab explosion damages apartment

A large explosion occurred on March 1 at an apartment at 368 Sutton Way.  Police and fire department personnel responded to the scene.

An adult male and two juveniles were located inside the residence. The adult was identified as 33-year-old Kyle Patche. He and one of the juveniles was taken to the hospital to be treated for burn injuries.

Investigators then attempted to determine the cause of the fire – an illegal butane honey oil lab.

The explosions knocked part of the roof off the wall, and several other walls were damaged.

The apartment, as well as those next to it, were deemed “structurally unsafe.”

While the juveniles are in CPS custody, Patche faces these charges – illegal manufacturing of a controlled substance, felony child endangerment and causing a fire.

” BHO Explosion Damage  – The overpressure caused by an explosion of a Butane Honey Oil (BHO) lab can potentially be deadly! These pictures from March 1st show structural damage caused by an explosion of a relatively small illegal lab that was inside an apartment on Sutton Way. In this case, the residents of the apartment were treated for burn injuries but, fortunately, will recover.”


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