Driver sits on loaded .45 as he drove

Driver sits on loaded .45 as he drove
Photo: the gun on the seat

The San Francisco CHP had a recent encounter than thankfully ended peacefully in this story posted on Facebook-

“Officer, I’d prefer to sit rather than stand…
Your CHP San Francisco Area graveyard crew were patrolling during the early morning hours this past Friday morning, when a vehicle was observed with no license plates. Officers J. Briggs and A. Kiepke initiated an enforcement stop on the vehicle and contacted the solo male driver.

During the contact, Officer Kiepke noted the smell of an alcoholic beverage, as well as other clues that the driver may be under the influence. The driver was asked to step out for further investigation regarding the possible DUI.

As the officer stood in the open driver’s door, the driver refused to exit the vehicle and tried to close the driver’s door window before attempting to close the driver’s door. After being unsuccessful with those attempts, he exclaimed that he was not going to consent to a search of his vehicle.

He made movements with his right hand towards his right thigh before displaying his hands again, at the officer’s request. The driver then attempted to put the vehicle in ‘Drive,’ as the officers kept him from doing that and assisted him from the driver’s seat.

As the driver stood up, a loaded .45 handgun was lying atop the right side of the driver’s seat. The driver was subsequently placed under arrest for the concealed, unregistered weapon, along with additional charges.

Fortunately the officers were able to pick up on the fact the individual’s actions were amiss and able to quickly take command of the incident, as it developed further.

We obviously don’t know the reason or intentions behind carrying the gun in the first place, but hopefully it prevented a possible tragic event that could have taken place that morning. Another day with one more gun off the streets…patrol life!!



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