Here’s a lengthy and thorough story from TMZ about two NFL players arrested for armed robbery –

“6:01 AM PT — 5/18 — Both Baker and Dunbar were met by a swarm of reporters after bonding out of jail … with Deandre breaking out in a full sprint to avoid the media’s questions.

The wild scene was all captured on video … with both the NFL players wearing masks and hoodies on their way out of Broward County Jail late Sunday, this after the two had spent Saturday night behind bars for their alleged roles in an armed robbery.

Dunbar was pounded with questions while he walked toward his ride away from the facility … but he remained quiet.

Baker, meanwhile, took off running when reporters turned their attention toward him.
Both players — through their attorneys — have denied the charges … with Dunbar issuing an apology on social media after his release.

“I would like to thank all my fans for their support and apologize to the Seattle Seahawks organization for any unnecessary distractions that these allegations against me may have caused,” Dunbar said.

“In addition, I am very grateful to be a part of a team that supports one another and uphold the credibility of each of its members through adverse situations. Moving forward, this entire situation has taught me how to not associate myself with environments that may mischaracterize my values and who I am.”

As part of their bond agreements, neither player can travel outside of Florida.

3:30 PM PT — 5/17 — Both Quinton Dunbar and Deandre Baker are out on bond after appearing in front of a judge Sunday during a hearing over Zoom.

10:42 AM PT — Baker’s bond was set at $200,000 — $25k per count. Dunbar’s bond was at $100,000.

Dunbar and Baker were still in custody during the hearing — but officials allowed the proceeding to take place over video chat.

As part of his bond, Baker must remain in the state of Florida unless he receives special permission from the court to leave for something like work (like if he needs to play in an NFL game in another state).

Baker’s attorney, Patrick G. Patel, tells TMZ Sports, “We sincerely thank all law enforcement for their diligent efforts to uncover the truth herein and sincerely apologize for the distractions that this event has caused to Deandre’s team, teammates and the NFL community during this difficult time in everyone’s life!”

1:13 PM PT — Quinton Dunbar has also surrendered to officials, both cops and his attorney confirmed.

Dunbar’s lawyer, Michael Grieco, issued a statement once again claiming his client is innocent.

“Today our client Quintin Dunbar [sic] voluntarily surrendered at the Broward County jail pursuant to a bogus arrest warrant based solely on uncorroborated witness statements that have since been recanted. As I write this an innocent man sits in jail, facing charges that hold no water.”

NY Giants cornerback Deandre Baker has surrendered to officials in Florida in his armed robbery case, his attorney Bradford Cohen tells TMZ Sports.

Baker is facing multiple charges including armed robbery and aggravated assault for his alleged role in a May 13 incident at a cookout.

Officials say Baker along with Seattle Seahawks corner Quinton Dunbar — along with a 3rd masked man — robbed several partygoers during a cookout, taking cash and jewelry before escaping in exotic getaway cars.

Cops say Baker brandished a gun during the robbery — though Baker’s attorney insists his client is innocent and he has multiple witnesses to back up his story.

Dunbar has also denied the allegations against him and like Baker, he also claims to have witness statements which back his story.


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