Calaveras County judge approves bail increase for vehicle pursuit suspect

Calaveras County judge approves bail increase for vehicle pursuit suspect
Originally published 5-8-20 via Facebook
by the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office:

“On May 8th, 2020, Calaveras County Deputies arrested Brian Dehart in San Andreas. Due to the COVID $0 bail order still in effect, Dehart was set to be booked and released back into the public.

Deputies believed Dehart posed a significant danger to the public due to the multiple pending cases against him and the recent vehicle pursuit. The threat to public safety caused the deputies to file a request for bail increase (PC1269) thus, forcing Dehart to post bail prior to his release.

The order to increase bail was approved by the Superior Court Judge Healy. Dehart remains in the Calaveras County Jail with a $350,000 Bail.

(Valley Springs, CA) On May 3rd, 2020, at about 5:30 PM a Calaveras County Sheriff patrol deputy initiated a vehicle enforcement stop for excessive speed (75 MPH in a 55 MPH zone) on a motorcycle, with passenger, traveling westbound on Hwy 12 east of Toyon; between the towns of San Andreas and Valley Springs.

The motorcycle turned onto Double Springs Road then accelerated in an attempt to flee the traffic stop. The Deputy continued to follow the motorcycle when it stopped at the intersection of Hwy 26 and Hwy 12, near Toyon Middle School. Once stopped the suspect began yelling at the female passenger to get of the motorcycle.

As the passenger was getting off the motorcycle the suspect accelerated causing her leg to become entangled. This caused the passenger to fall into the middle of the roadway. The deputy continued the pursuit as the suspect traveled west on Hwy 12 at speeds over 100 MPH.

Another deputy stayed with the passenger to render medical aid. The suspect was observed passing multiple vehicles over the double yellow centerline and drove with no regard for the safety of others. Due to the driver’s extremely unsafe driving, the deputy terminated the pursuit on South Petersburg Rd near the Hogan Lake campgrounds.

Deputies were able to identify the driver as Suspect Brian Matthew Dehart, 33 years old (San Andreas, CA). Dehart is described as a white male adult, 6 feet tall, 327 pounds with black hair and brown eyes (Refer to the attached picture). He was last observed driving a dark colored motorcycle. Please contact the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department (209-754-6500) if you have any information on the whereabouts of Dehart.

Dehart was previously arrested on 11-26-2019 on charges of 10851CVC Vehicle Theft (Felony), 273A(1) PC Child Cruelty (Felony), 11378 H&S Possession of Methamphetamine for Sale (Felony), 11359 H&S Possession of Marijuana for Sale (Felony), Two charges of 29800(a) PC Possession of Firearm by Prohibited Person (Felony), 30305(a) PC Possession of Ammunition by Prohibited Person (Felony), 21310 PC Possession of Concealed Dagger (Felony), 11364 H&S Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Misdemeanor) and 12677 H&S Possession of Illegal Fireworks (Misdemeanor).

Dehart also had a Felony warrant issued out of San Joaquin for 3455 PC Revocation of Supervised Release and Two Felony Warrants issued out of Tuolumne County for 1203.2(A) PC Probation Violation and 4573.6 PC Possession of Controlled Substance in Jail.

On March 27th, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued executive order authorizing the California Judicial Council to take emergency action in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Despite severe oppositions by the Law Enforcement community, including Sheriff Rick DiBasilio, The State of California’s Judicial Council subsequently issued an order requiring all California Sheriff’s Offices throughout the state to establish a $0 Bail arrestees. Rather than staying in jail until his court cases in three counties were adjudicated, Dehart was released on 4-15-2020.

Please use caution of you see Brian Matthew Dehart. He should be considered armed and dangerous.”

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