“He also has a felony warrant for his arrest out of LAPD.”

“He also has a felony warrant for his arrest out of LAPD.”
Photo: Garrett Freitas under arrest

The Vacaville Police Department official Facebook page relates this recent incident where a man with a warrant out on him from southern California was arrested in their area –

“Just before 3pm Sunday afternoon, officers were in the area of Alamo Dr. and Davis St. when they saw a white Nissan that had been reported stolen/embezzled from a Nissan dealership in Southern California.

Officers stopped the vehicle and began a high-risk stop, which is where multiple police vehicles tactically place themselves behind a stopped car, and give specific commands to the people inside.

As we’ve mentioned on here before, this helps keep communication controlled and clear, which also keeps everyone (officers, vehicle occupants, bystanders) safe.

During high-risk stops like these, officers will often stop or detour traffic in the area for safety purposes. When felony criminals are in known vehicles, officers often have guns and less-lethal tools pointed towards the stopped car, and there’s always the potential for the vehicle to try and flee.

We know it can be irritating at times, but the stops and detours are simply to try and ensure none of our community members are impacted if the incident escalates due to the suspect(s) refusing to follow the officers’ commands.

The driver, Garrett Freitas (33, Fairfield) complied with officers’ commands and was safely taken into custody. Once they checked his name, officers learned Mr. Freitas also had an active felony warrant for his arrest out of Southern California regarding larceny and grand theft auto.

He was booked into the Solano County Jail on the outstanding warrant as well as a felony charge of being in possession of a stolen vehicle.

For all those who were temporarily stopped or detoured through the area, we apologize and thank you for your patience. The safety of our community is always our first priority!”


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