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This story was posted by the Santa Rosa CHP on their official Facebook page –

“Just before 1:30 Saturday morning, a two officer CHP unit was traveling southbound 101 south of the Fulton Rd over-crossing. The officers were in the middle lane when they saw a vehicle, later determined to be a Nissan Versa, approaching them from the rear at an extremely high speed.

The Nissan, estimated to be traveling in excess of 100 MPH, quickly closed the distance between the two vehicles before the officers were able to react. Just seconds after first observing the Nissan, it collided with the rear of the patrol vehicle at full speed.

Luckily the officer was able to maintain control and guided the patrol car to the right shoulder. The Nissan, having sustained major damage, rolled to a stop near the right shoulder. The two officers were transported to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital by CHP personnel with minor to moderate injuries and have since been released.

As officers spoke with the driver of the Nissan about the crash, they noticed that he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. A DUI investigation was conducted and he was placed under arrest for felony DUI causing injury.

We often sound like a broken record when it comes to discussing the dangers of impaired driving. Even in normal driving conditions at 65 mph, a sober brain has a lot to perceive and react to.

Trying to handle those things when traveling over 100 MPH while impaired is something the brain is not capable of doing safely. When you can’t even manage to avoid another vehicle in your lane while traveling on a straight, flat stretch of roadway with nearly unlimited visibility, it just shows how dangerous the combination of DUI and speed can be.

Please, if you choose to drink or do drugs, make the responsible and common sense choice to not drive. There are no shortage of alternatives out there to get you home safely and prevent instances like this.”


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