Man’s Suspicious Social Media Post Leads to his Arrest

Man’s Suspicious Social Media Post Leads to his Arrest
Photo: Maurice Gamble

On Tuesday 02/11/2020, Martin Luther King High School administration brought a concerning video to the attention of the Riverside Police School Resource Officer.

The video was narrated by an adult male as he drove through the parking lot of the school. The man made comments of racism and used the words “ground zero” multiple times.

A photo making the rounds on social media of high school students posing with a confederate flag and displaying a swastika is believed to have preceded this video.

There were no direct or immediate threats made to the school, students, or staff, but the School Resource Officer took precaution and began an investigation.

The Gang Intelligence Unit, Crimes Against Persons Unit, and Problem Oriented Policing Team assisted in the investigation as it progressed. Extra personnel and high visibility patrols were assigned to the school campus while the investigation took place.

The night of 02/11/2020, 38-year old Maurice Gamble was identified as the man believed responsible for the video. His Quail Ridge home was surveilled while further information was gathered, during which time he posted additional suspicious content to social media.

Gamble left his home at noon on 02/12/2020 at which point he was detained during a traffic stop. A search warrant was fulfilled at his residence where two firearms were found.

Gamble is a previously convicted felon which prohibits him from owning or possessing firearms. Gamble was arrested and booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center for the possession of the weapons.

Photo from Riverside Police Department

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