Smash and grab leads to lockdown after wrongly reported gunfire

Smash and grab leads to lockdown after wrongly reported gunfire
Photo: surveillance pics of smash and grabbers

MILPITAS – The Milpitas Police Department locked down the Great Mall after receiving texts of gunfire near Dick’s sporting goods on Sunday August 25th.  The alleged shooting scare happened sometime after 7:30 pm when the sound of crashing glass from the display cases at the jewelry store Diamond by Chainery located at 203 Great Mall Drive.

Multiple glass display cases were shattered as three men in black clothing and hoodies swiftly closed in to steal an unknown amount of jewelry from the cases. Others in the mall heard the bangs and associated it to gunfire.

During the robbery investigation, it was reported that three men entered the jewelry store and had taken a sledge hammer to the glass and began to take items from the case.  Others in the store quickly fled while others watched as the three men took the jewelry.

However, responding officers were met with concern for the safety of persons inside the mall and a lockdown began.  The lockdown was lifted at 10:45 pm with all persons in the mall being escorted to the exit for their safety as officers from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, Great Mall Security, Milpitas Police, and San Jose Police Department assisted in the search and clearing of the mall.  No evidence of a gun or gunfire was located.

According to Milpitas Police Captain Raj Maharaj, “Officers quickly engaged and systematically searched the mall, and determined there were no victims or evidence of a shooting.”

At this time there is no other word concerning the smash and grabbers.


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