10,000 Pot Plants Are Hard To Hide

10,000 Pot Plants Are Hard To Hide
Photo: scene of grow

TULARE – You have to admit – 10,000 pot plants are hard to hide. TAGNET (Tulare Area Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Team) has been looking for illegal grows in the Springville Area.

They spotted several locations of illegal marijuana growth in Coffee Canyon by flying over the area.

On August 15th, T.A.G.N.E.T and the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP Task Force) were on the ground at the illegal grow sites.


Another pic of the grow

Besides the 10,000 plus marijuana plants found and destroyed, a number of pesticides were found on the property. The illegal gardeners also rerouted natural waterways to hydrate the plants. And if toxins and rearranging nature wasn’t enough, garbage littered the area.

They found a campsite but as of now no suspect(s).

California Proposition 64 allowed for an individual 21 or older to grow up to 6 marijuana plants inside their home or in a fully enclosed and secure structure. In contrast, 10,200 plants in an open field greatly exceed the limits of Prop 64.

From the CAMP Website, “large scale illegal marijuana cultivations … cause deforestation, damage to wildlife habitats, pose danger to our citizens, and hazardous-chemical pollution.”

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