Man Arrested in Mandatory Evacuation Zone

Man Arrested in Mandatory Evacuation Zone
Photo: Christian Hiran Campos

SPRING VALLEY – A Ukiah man said he was working in the area of a mandatory evacuation.  However, when pressed by cops, he couldn’t say who he worked for or what he did for them.

Recent fires have threatened the area, to the point where they deemed evacuation necessary since June 23.

Various law enforcement agencies are working together to patrol the evacuated areas. They look for “unauthorized people in the area…to determine their reason for being in the area.”

Therefore, on June 25 at 2:40 pm, an officer came upon 30-year-old Christian Hiran Campos. The Ukiah resident drove a Toyota 4-Runner with expired license plates.

In addition, Campos could not provide answers as to the reason for his presence in the evacuated area.

In addition to not having valid plates, the suspect also did not have a license. What he did have in is truck was two pounds of marijuana and a loaded handgun.

Here’s a charge you don’t see every day – being an unauthorized person in a disaster zone.  He also has charges related to marijuana possession.



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