56-Year Old Son Throws a Tantrum, Ends Up In Jail

56-Year Old Son Throws a Tantrum, Ends Up In Jail
Photo: Evan Disinger

LEMON COVE – What does a mother do when her 56-year-old son throws a tantrum?  Evan Disinger’s 81-year-old mother called the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department.

The elderly woman is safe from the grip and jaws of her son. On April 30 the mother called authorities on her son, Evan Disinger, after he grabbed her by her neck. Also, he shoved her against a cabinet during an argument.

Consequently, she escaped to her car and drove down the street from her residence where she stopped to call police. Then her son walked over to the car and got in the vehicle.

The 56-year old demanded his mother drive him to the store. She refused and from the passenger side where he was sitting, turned on the car and placed it in drive.

Noticing her phone was in her left hand, he ordered her not to call authorities. At this point Disinger grabbed his mother’s left hand containing the phone and bit down on it resulting in her letting go of the phone.

Disinger took possession of the phone and exited the vehicle upon arriving at the store.

On May 30 TCS Property Investigations Unit Detectives located Disinger at a home in Lindcove. They fulfilled a warrant which granted his arrest.

He provided no resistance. He is being held at the Tulare County Adult Pre-Trial Facility facing charges for robbery, carjacking, dissuading a victim, and physical elder abuse.

Photo Provided by Tulare County Sheriff’s Office

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