Did Mono County Avert a Violent School Incident?

Did Mono County Avert a Violent School Incident?
Photo: Devin White

MAMMOTH LAKES – Law enforcement received a report on April 23 concerning “troubling conduct and statements” from a Mammoth Lakes High School senior. Their action may have averted a violent school incident.

It started last November when 18-year-old Devin White made statements that caught school staff’s concern. White allegedly spoke of making a bomb. In February of 2018 he gestured with his hand as if he was shooting at fellow students.

Then White directly threatened to “shoot up the school.” Finally, in April, White mentioned that he would bring an AR-15 to school.

Therefore, on April 23 school officials shared this information with law enforcement, who then confirmed White’s access to firearms.

Law enforcement already knew White due to a vandalism case and his possession of an illegal shuriken (throwing star).

On April 24 law enforcement executed a search warrant at the White home where Devin lives.  They consequently discovered and seized shotguns, handguns and an AR-15 style rifle from the home.

White was arrested and charged with criminal threats and possession of a shuriken.

He pled not guilty. On May KOLO reported that White remains in jail without bail, and a bail hearing scheduled for May 29.

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