SJPD officer-involved shooting ends ten day pursuit of wanted felon

SJPD officer-involved shooting ends ten day pursuit of wanted felon

Jacob Dominguez

SAN JOSE — The San Jose Police Department is dealing with the death of a wanted suspect who was killed by officers during a ten-day pursuit to locate and arrest the robbery suspect before he could hurt anyone else.

According to SJPD Officer Gina Tepoorten,“On Friday, September 15, at approximately 7:04 PM, San Jose police officers were in the area of Penitencia Creek Road and N. White Road attempting to conduct a vehicle stop on a known gang member who had a felony warrant for armed robbery.”

On September 6, the suspect began his crime spree with stealing a white Mercedes-Benz C300 near McLaughlin Avenue in San Jose.

Then, on September 7, the San Jose Police Department received reports of someone shooting at a man in his home near Waverly Avenue and King Road in San Jose. The man was shot but suffered only minor injuries. 33-year-old Jacob Dominguez was identified as the potential shooter.

On September 9, San Jose Police Units patrolling the area near King and Aborn Road located the stolen vehicle and the suspected shooter. Seeing officers, Dominguez drove through the streets at an extremely high rate of speed in order to evade police. Unable to pursue Dominguez due to the dangerous rate of speed in which the suspect was traveling, the chase was ended.

On September 11, SJPD Gang Enforcement officers again spotted Dominguez driving the stolen Mercedes near White and Story road at a high rate of speed. They again were unable to follow the suspect safely and did not pursue the suspect.

On September 12, Dominguez, with 19-year-old Andrew Achondo and 25-year-old Patricia Ruiz, was seen by the Auto Theft Task Force team for Santa Clara entering the Arco gas station at Quimby Road and Capitol Expressway.

The trio entered the Arco and then fled after robbing the cashier at gunpoint. Covert Response Unit officers were able to identify and locate the suspects and the white Mercedez at a Morgan Hill home. However Dominguez, now driving a black Kia Sportage, drove by the scene of the arrest again evading police capture.

An undercover unit was finally able to locate Dominguez on September 15.

This time he was located driving the Kia near White and Penitencia Creek Road. As he stopped at a red light the Covert Response Unit Officers began to approach Dominguez, ordering him from the vehicle.

He began to swear and demand the SJPD Officers shoot him as he reached under his seat.

A SJPD officer fired multiple shots at the suspect, killing him and ending a ten-day manhunt. A search of the vehicle did not reveal a gun, but several .357 bullets and methamphetamine was discovered in the vehicle tucked in between the front seats.

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