Vigilante Repo Job Gone Awry

Vigilante Repo Job Gone Awry

VALLEY SPRINGS — On February 27th at around 4:30 PM, the Calveras County Sheriff’s Office arrived at Sequoia Rose Mobile Home Park to investigate a physical altercation.

Two men — Jacob King and Robert Saling — had apparently gone to the park looking to repossess a vehicle they’d sold to Jaycob Babcock-Coburn and his girlfriend. They arrived at his trailer brandishing  a baseball bat and a metal pipe, threatening Coburn’s girlfriend with the bat while she had two small children in her care.

The two men took the keys and left with the car.

Once he found out what happened, Coburn and a friend — a 16-year-old juvenile — armed themselves with a baseball bat and wooden stick and confronted Saling at his trailer. They left after Saling threatened to arm himself but returned later, which was when the fight broke out.

At one point, Saling was knocked to the ground and promptly kicked and struck with the baseball bat. He was treated on scene but refused further examination.

Jacob King, Robert Saling, Jaycob Babcock-Coburn, and the juvenile have all been arrested and charged according to their respective involvement in the incident.

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