Suspect Shot Dead after Standoff with Police

Suspect Shot Dead after Standoff with Police

SANTA CRUZ — A Santa Cruz police officer is on administrative leave pending a DA investigation after an early morning incident on Sunday, October 16th, which resulted in the death of 32-year-old local Sean Arlt.

That morning, police responded to a report of a disturbance in the 200 block of Chase Street. The caller said there was a man standing in front of the home pounding loudly on the door. While officers were en route, the caller rang again to say the man was now in the backyard shouting about “killing everyone in the house.”

Officers found him still in the backyard upon their arrival. They were able to call him out front, where he became combative and brandished a metal box rake when they attempted an arrest.

Officers kept their distance, repeatedly demanding that Arlt drop the rake. Once he advanced, they drew their tasers and used them. One officer even used his a second time. Arlt seemed unaffected and continued towards them.

Despite their best efforts to diffuse the situation, the officers were ultimately forced to draw their guns. One officer fired two shots, both of which struck Arlt. They then attempted to administer medical aid, during which Arlt continued to resist.

Medical personnel arrived shortly to take over, but Arlt was pronounced dead at the scene.

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