Two Weapon-Related Arrests At Motorcycle Rally in Hollister

Two Weapon-Related Arrests At Motorcycle Rally in Hollister

Ubaldo Deleon (L) and Dylan Openshaw (R)

HOLLISTER — This year’s Motorcycle Rally saw a whopping 43% increase in arrests and, of the 46 total arrests over the three-day weekend, two were particularly noteworthy. Two men seen drinking near the area ended up in cuffs because they were carrying weapons while attending the event.

On Saturday, July 2 at around 11:30 AM, police spotted 37-year-old Ubaldo Deleon of Hollister with what turned out to be an open container of beer inside a paper bag wandering around outside the beer garden.

Officers found a switchblade in one of his pockets, as well as a “Zip Gun” — an illegal homemade handgun that is often undetectable by metal detectors — and live rounds of ammunition.

Deleon was moved to the Rally Incident Command Center, where an additional search of his person turned up a small bag of a suspected controlled substance.

Later, around 9 PM, officers spotted two other men drinking outside the beer garden, one of whom was identified as 36-year-old Dylan Openshaw of Hilmar. Officers found a glock on him and, when asked, Openshaw claimed to have a concealed-carry permit. However, a subsequent records check showed that the gun he was carrying was not covered under said permit.

A set of brass knuckles and ammunition were also found in his pockets.

Both Deleon and Openshaw were eventually transported to and booked at San Benito County Jail.


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