Three Caught, One at Large in Loma Linda Crime Spree

Three Caught, One at Large in Loma Linda Crime Spree

LOMA LINDA – Police are still searching for a suspect in a series of street gang car burglaries that took place between March 24-28.

Three other suspects, all females, were taken into custody after investigators discovered evidence of burglary, identity theft, mail theft, credit card fraud, vehicle burglary and various drug-related charges.

Cindy Denise Miranda, 23, of La Puente in Los Angeles County, and Mariah Palacios, 22, of La Puente, along with Beatriz Duran, 25, of Loma Linda, were taken into custody. Police are identifying those three as the suspects, along with Darcy Joseph Ramirez, 35, of Baldwin Park, who has yet to be taken into custody.

The suspects have been connected to El Monte Flores and Puente street gangs.

According to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy Bernabe Ortiz, the gang committed about 11 vehicle burglaries over the five-day span, along with two mail thefts that occurred in the same Loma Linda neighborhood.

On March 28, Miranda and Palacios were caught in the act of committing a mail theft, said Ortiz. The two were arrested, charged with mail theft along with credit card fraud and drug-related charges.

Miranda, who is on parole, remained in custody at the Central Detention Center for several felony charges and a parole hold, according to court records. She does not yet have a court date assigned. Palacios was released.

Further investigation revealed that Miranda was involved in other burglaries, using a white Honda Accord, identified by a missing rear bumper, said Ortiz.

Duran was the registered owner of that car, later implicated in the string of burglaries during the crime spree. She was arrested on March 29, then released.

On March 29, deputies served a search warrant at a Loma Linda residence, gathering more evidence in the case. It was at that time that Ramirez, also known as “Tweaker Tweedy” was also involved in the crime spree. Investigators were still actively trying to locate him.

Ortiz said investigators discovered that all four suspects are either associated with street gangs, known as El Monte Flores or Puente, which could be reason to make additional charges, including conspiracy.

Investigators, who are still searching for additional victims, believe that the suspects used the stolen credit cards and identities to sell as part of the fraud.

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