Sacramento Hero Stone’s Injuries Detailed in Funding Site

Sacramento Hero Stone’s Injuries Detailed in Funding Site

As local hero Spencer Stone continues to recuperate from his stab wounds following a fight in midtown Sacramento on October 8, 2015, another gofundme online account has been set up to help the family with the medical bills.

Stone’s wounds were much more serious than previously reported, according to an online campaign seeking to raise money for his family.

“He was stabbed four times,” according to the gofundme account created on Thursday, October 15. “Once in the heart, once in the left lung (which collapsed the lung), the liver, and in the back. He had to have open heart surgery to save his life from the knife wound to his heart.”

The “Spencer Stone Recovery Account” features a picture showing Stone with a long scar running the length of his chest. The online campaign is trying to raise $50,000 for Stone’s family. His medical bills are being paid by the military. As of October 19, more than $8000 has been raised.

“This money is going to assist and help the family such as his mother and sister in lost wages and costs associated with taking time off to be with and take care of Spencer at this critical time,” the website says. “In addition, it’s helping to address some very specific personal security issues that the family, as a whole, is concerned with.”

Police have released composite sketches of the two suspects in the late night stabbing.

Police have released composite sketches of the two suspects in the late night stabbing.

Stone was with a group of friends on October 8 when he got into a physical altercation at approximately 12:45 am near 21 and K Street in midtown Sacramento. Police are continuing to look for two Asian men, who were dressed in white t-shirts and blue jeans, and left the scene in dark-colored Toyota Camry. Sketches of the two suspects, based on witness descriptions, have been released.

Stone was released October 16 from the University of California Davis Medical Center.

Stone and his friends Alex Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler have been hailed as international heroes after thwarting a gunman armed with an assault rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in August on a train in France. The gunman stabbed Stone near his carotid artery and nearly cut off his thumb as Stone and the others subdued him.

He was awarded the Purple Heart and Airman’s Medal and received France and Belgium’s highest honors. Stone will be promoted to senior airman on October 31, and then advance to staff sergeant on November 1, in recognition of his humility following all the media exposure.

Update: On November 4, the Sacramento Police announced the arrest of James Tran, 28 of Elk Grove, in the attempted murder of Spencer Stone.



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