Sacramento Hero Stabbed Four Times in Chest

Sacramento Hero Stabbed Four Times in Chest

SACRAMENTO—Hometown hero Spencer Stone was stabbed multiple times early Thursday morning in midtown Sacramento.

The Sacramento native–who with his three friends stopped a gunman armed with an assault rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in August on train in France–sustained four stab wounds to his upper torso. Police were called at approximately 12:45 a.m to the 2100 block of K Street near a bank parking lot and bar, where they found Stone.

Police say Stone was not targeted because of his worldwide notoriety. The assault appeared to be alcohol related and not an act of terrorism nor a hate crime.

One source said Stone was with two men and three women at Badlands Dance Club at 20th and K streets. After leaving the club, they walked one block east, where the fight began and Stone was stabbed.

“Airman 1st Class Stone is in stable condition,” the Air Force said on its Twitter account. “Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.”

Spencer Stone gathers with friends in France (Facebook)

Spencer Stone gathers with friends in France (Facebook)

Officers initially thought Stone would not survive the stabbing, but once he arrived at UC Davis Medical Center, the medical team was able to stem the bleeding.

Detectives are investigating the stabbing and looking at video recordings from area security cameras that caught the altercation.

John Yoon, manager of A&P Liquors, at 21st and K streets, said police wanted to obtain a copy of his store’s security camera recording. He said his video showed a fight with about seven people in the middle of the intersection at 21st and K Streets, but did not show the stabbing.

Said store employee Bryan Romandia to the Sacramento Bee – “It pretty much just shows the fight in the middle of the intersection. It looks like it is one against six, but you can’t really tell. It looks like a big old scrum and then it looks like someone lunges and everyone disperses from there and there is this discoloration on his shirt and he just walks out of the camera. He walks away from the intersection. I couldn’t see any weapon at all. You could see something on his shirt but couldn’t really make out what it was.” Video of the Interview from the Sacramento Bee

Police have said they are looking for two Asian males who fled the scene in a 2009 to 2012 dark gray or black Toyota Camry. They were wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans.

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