Car Thief Unable to Outrun Sheriff’s Radio, OnStar GPS, and K9

Car Thief Unable to Outrun Sheriff’s Radio, OnStar GPS, and K9

SANTA ROSA – According to a Community Bulletin posted by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, Deputies arrested a man after a vehicle pursuit in a stolen truck.

On Friday, June 26 at about 10:25 pm, Deputies for the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office were alerted to a report of a stolen vehicle in the vicinity of Sonoma Valley. The Chevy pickup with out of state plates had been stolen from Rohnert Park and was currently being tracked by OnStar.

A Deputy spotted the car at the intersection of Fetters Avenue and Sunset Way in Sonoma. The suspect accelerated directly towards the patrol car when he saw the Deputy’s vehicle facing him. The driver nearly rammed into the Deputy and then made an abrupt turn onto an adjoining street. The fleeing vehicle lost traction and fishtailed, sliding out and damaging sections of a fence of a nearby residence.

The stolen vehicle was tracked to Sunset and Fetters in Sonoma.

The stolen vehicle was tracked to Sunset and Fetters in Sonoma.

The suspect continued to drive recklessly as Deputies gave chase. He drove on to Highway 12 at speeds exceeding 75 mph, crossing the double yellow lines and driving against oncoming traffic while disregarding all road safety signs. Because the suspect was blatantly unconcerned for others, and the risk to the public and the Deputies was too great, the Sergeant monitoring the activities ordered the Deputies to terminate the pursuit.

Soon, OnStar representatives told Sheriff’s Dispatch that the car had been tracked to a shopping center on Broadway in Sonoma. Deputies found the stolen car abandoned behind a business. Deputies immediately set up a perimeter and soon spotted the suspect running through an interior courtyard toward a building.

Sonoma Police Department’s K9 Dickie was summoned to search the building. The K9 Handler made a loud announcement and the team went in to search. They found the suspect hiding and ordered him to surrender. Instead, the man fought with the Deputies and the dog. Eventually he gave up and was arrested. He was barely injured in the confrontation and Deputies sustained only minor injuries. Dickie was uninjured.

Sheriff's K9 Dickie was utilized to help corral Logue

Sheriff’s K9 Dickie was utilized to help corral Logue

The suspect was identified as David Allen Logue, a 31-year-old Petaluma resident. Deputies discovered a pipe and methamphetamine when they searched him. Logue was on probation, had an outstanding warrant, and was out on bail for other charges. Logue had been arrested in Petaluma in January of 2014 on charges of burglary, petty theft, credit card fraud, and identity theft. That was followed in October with an arrest for driving a motor scooter with a suspended licence and without a helmet. On January 2 of this year he was pulled over by Santa Rosa Highway Patrol officers for speeding, and was also charged with driving on a suspended license in an unregistered vehicle without proof of insurance, and possession of over 28.5 grams of marijuana. Petaluma Police arrested him again in March on an outstanding warrant and violating probation, along with possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was booked once again into the Sonoma County Jail for vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, receiving stolen property, assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer, evading arrest, hit and run, recklessly evading arrest, resisting arrest, burglary, committing a felony while out on bail, possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia and driving on a suspended license. His bail has been set at $70,000. The owner of the truck retrieved his vehicle and his personal property in Sonoma.

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