Trio Arrested on Casino Drugging, Robbery Charges

Trio Arrested on Casino Drugging, Robbery Charges

HIGHLAND – San Bernardino County deputies arrested two men and a woman on charges they poisoned and robbed patrons of a San Bernardino-area casino late last year.

Esperanza Maldonado, 52, of Hesperia, Cameron Dollar, 27, of Rancho Cucamonga, and Eddie Lee Chapman, 41, of Hesperia were arrested on Thursday, February 5.

Detective Brian Chamber said that George Edginton, 48, was found unconscious on the floor of the San Manuel Casino by security officers on November 8. He later told investigators he remembered talking with Maldonado and having a beer with her. “He felt his beer tasted different after leaving it unattended with Maldonado while he used the restroom,” said Chamber.

After having a few sips of beer, Edginton lost consciousness while playing a slot machine. After regaining consciousness, he left the casino and drove towards home. “He started to feel the effects again,” said Chamber, “and lost consciousness while driving on the freeway, colliding with a cement barrier and (suffered) injuries.”

Chamber said a review of surveillance video “clearly showed Maldonado taking a small cylinder shaped vial from her bra and pouring a substance into Edgington’s beer while he was using the restroom.” During the investigation, detectives discovered a similar incident that occurred on April 5, 2012.

Gabriel McUrad, 66, recalled talking to Maldonado when he suddenly lost consciousness. McUrad woke up to discover he was missing cash, and that Maldonado was gone. Another suspect, Dollar, was with Maldonado, said Chamber, “acting as a look-out for her.” Several days later, Maldonado returned to the casino where she was detained by casino security, later arrested by sheriff’s deputies and banned from the casino for one year.

Last November 28, another victim, Ralph Imbelloni, 74, believed he was “roofied and robbed” by an unknown Hispanic female while gambling at San Manuel. When surveillance video was obtained, Maldonado was identified as a suspect. Chamber said it revealed that Chapman was holding Imbelloni “up on his chair while he was unconscious so Maldonado could take cash and a cell phone from his pocket and quickly leave the location.”

Investigators believe the unknown substance used in drugging the three victims was either ecstasy, GHB or ketamine, based on each victim’s reactions. Authorities said Dollar was on probation when he was arrested last December 14 for conspiracy to commit willful poisoning and robbery.

Ten days earlier, detectives served a search warrant at Maldonado and Chapman’s residence in the 8300 block of Madera Avenue in Hesperia. Detectives located a small cylinder-shaped vial containing an unknown residue.

Both suspects, who were not at home during the search, became aware of the investigation and “attempted to avoid law enforcement.” After arrest warrants were issued, detectives finally arrested Maldonado and Chapman on February 5 at their residence.

The San Manuel Casino is located at 777 San Manuel Blvd. in Highland, which neighbors San Bernardino.

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