Man Arrested for Impersonating Police Officer

Man Arrested for Impersonating Police Officer

WEST SACRAMENTO—Police have arrested a non-sworn probationary employee in West Sacramento for impersonating a peace officer.

On Tuesday, January 27, Ilaya Prozorov, 20, was jailed on suspicion of impersonating a peace officer. His termination from the department came after a swift internal investigation, said Doug Morse, a spokesman for the Sacramento Police Department.

Prozorov has been employed as a civilian community service officer for a little more than a month as a community service officer. He graduated from the department’s Basic Recruit Academy in December and was in field training as a community service officer.

One of the victims says he recorded a confrontation with Prozorov and got his license plate. For more than six minutes, Zabi Ahmadzi repeatedly asked Prozorov, who said he was a cop, to show him his badge.

Zabi: What are you, a cop?
Prozorov: I’m not talking to you anymore.
Zabi: Can I see the badge?
Prozorov: I’m not showing you anything

And Zabi says he never does.

According to the Sacramento Police Department, Prozorov graduated from their recruit academy and was currently in field training. He is being accused of impersonating a peace officer while on duty. A criminal and internal investigation remains underway.

“The Sacramento Police Department holds our employees to the highest standards on and off-duty,” a statement reads. “This incident is not reflective of the dedicated men and women who serve our community every day.”

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