Multiple Carjacking Suspect Attacks Women in Parking Garage

Multiple Carjacking Suspect Attacks Women in Parking Garage

A teenage minor was arrested under PC 211-212.5(c), committing a robbery, in which he is accused of taking a purse and automobile from a female victim, and for PC 12022.53(b), using a silver colored hand gun during a robbery and carjacking under PC 215(A).

On Tuesday, December 16, a carjacking robbery had occurred at the Valley Fair Mall near 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd. in which a female victim reported that her purse and vehicle were stolen from within the parking garage.

After she called 9-1-1 to report the robbery, San Jose Police Officers made contact with the victim, who identified the suspect as a black man with dreadlocks and a stocky build. She said he had threatened her, demanding that she get out of the car while she was seated. The victim had stated at the time of the attack that the man said, “Get the [redacted] out of the car” and “Give me the [redacted] keys. Officers said “The victim stated that she could see a silver handgun in his waistband and began to fear for her life. She exited the vehicle and ran to find someone to help call the police.”

Later on the investigating officers located the stolen vehicle on Williams Road near Trifone Drive in San Jose. Latent prints and DNA swabs were taken from the vehicle on the belt buckle and left rear passenger side. The vehicle was then released back to the victim.

The next day, on Dec 17, Robbery Unit Detectives investigating the case met with a witness who had seen the suspect flee from the vehicle on foot near San Thomas Expressway. A young man was found hiding in the back yard of a residence and was transported to the police station’s Robbery Unit. During the interview, the suspect was asked if he would be willing to write an apology letter to the victim. He wrote, “Dear Mrs im sincerely am sorry for what happen.” He added “Iv done alot of stuff and been through a lot of stuff but that gives me no reason to do something like this.”

Despite his plea for her to forgive him, past records show that this was not the first time the juvenile suspect has stolen a car and robbed a stranger. Follow up investigation revealed that he had already been on juvenile searchable probation for burglary and auto theft out of Santa Clara County.

A second juvenile suspect described to police how they had forced a female driver from her vehicle. The accused carjacker had said, “I had my gun out and I told her to get out of the car.” The other suspect then said “she pointed at me and said, ‘He’s got a gun.'” The witness felt that the female victim thought he was also caught off guard by the suspect, who had pulled out a silver semi-automatic firearm in which to threaten the victim.

The young man’s next court date was been scheduled for Jan 15, 2015 in Dept 30 at 1:30 PM.

Editor’s note: The original story was sourced to court documents from the Superior Court of Santa Clara County. The suspect was identified by name in the belief that he was 18-years-old. Feedback from readers informed us that he was a 17-year-old minor. However, since he was being tried in Superior Court, our reporter believes that he was a minor being tried as an adult, which is why the court released the documentation to her. We have since redacted his name from the story due to his status as a minor. It is not clear at this time if the court will continue the case in Superior Court, or send it to the Juvenile Justice system.

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