Troubled man dies in diaper bag robbery arrest

Troubled man dies in diaper bag robbery arrest

POINT ARENA – MENDOCINO COUNTY – Daniel Cedar Saulsbury was well known to the deputies of the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department. In 2006, 2007, and 2009 he was arrested for DUI and possession of narcotics or paraphernalia, according to records. He also was arrested in 2007 for reckless driving resulting in injury, as well as a charge of contempt of court. Then in 2011 he was charged with inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or co-habitant, child endangerment, and battery. While on felony probation for domestic violence, with a court order to only have “peaceful contact” with the victim, he was arrested on September 5th this year for another incident of domestic violence. An argument with his live-in girlfriend over social media use ended with him choking her, and his later arrest. Reports in the media say he was released and living with his mother and 3-year-old son in Fort Bragg.

The latest and final incident in Saulsbury’s life began around noon the day before Thanksgiving. A family was in Point Arena, in the small downtown area a few blocks from the coast, on Highway 1, which also serves as the town’s Main Street. While perhaps visiting one of the small shops or restaurants, they were confronted by Saulsbury in a parking lot of the 200 block of Main. He grabbed and took their diaper bag, and when the man put up resistance, he threw large rocks at them, almost striking the family.

Main Street Point Arena, at the corner of Mill Street.

Main Street Point Arena, at the corner of Mill Street.

The victims contacted the Sheriff’s office at 12:13 pm. The nearest available deputies at that time were 40 miles away, in Fort Bragg. They immediately called the victims, and taking their initial statement and a description, the deputies contacted the California Highway Patrol, who had an officer available near Point Arena. While deputies were responding to the scene, the responding CHP officer was able to locate Saulsbury based on the description they had given. While the officer attempted to detain him, Saulsbury fought back and ran away.

The CHP officer called for emergency help. Deputies were already on the way, and arrived within a few minutes. Saulsbury and the officer were now on Mill Street, just off Main, and the two deputies joined in trying to detain him. All three deployed their Tasers to subdue him, which finally enabled them to control and detain him. While on the ground, according to a Press Democrat report, he began to bang his head while lying face down, handcuffed. Officers placed a blanket under his head to soften his self inflicted blows. Saulsbury then began to show further signs of medical distress, and emergency medical personnel on the scene tried to revive him. As his condition worsened, they made efforts to save his life, but he was soon pronounced dead.

The Mendocino County Officer Involved Fatal Protocol process was initiated, and the District Attorney’s office has taken jurisdiction over the investigation of the incident, and Saulsbury’s death.

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