Officer Injured in Drug Arrest

Officer Injured in Drug Arrest

Suspect Saw Ghosts

SANTA CRUZ—The Santa Cruz Police Department is operating with one less officer these days, not because of budget cuts, but by an injury sustained on the job. To date, the Santa Police Department has experienced 15 officers missing work due to injury. In this most recent incident an officer was injured arresting a suspect under the influence.

On November 16, The Santa Cruz Police Department received a call of a man acting suspiciously in the 100 block of Walnut Avenue in Santa Cruz. When an officer arrived on scene he encountered 21-year-old Scotts Valley resident Chase Desjardin.

Chase Desjardin booking photo

Chase Desjardin booking photo

Desjardin was displaying signs of being under the influence of some king of drug. While the officer waited for his backup to arrive, he tried to determine what substance the young man was on.

“In this kind of case, the situation can go sideways at any time.” A Santa Cruz Police Department Spokesperson wrote in a press release, “The problem is, that when suspects are under the influence they can display unusual strength and normal arrest techniques don’t work.”

Desjardin’s dilemma was that he was apparently “seeing ghosts” and decided to fight the officers. Desjardin was finally taken into custody after several minutes of fighting.

During the melee, a 4-year-veteran of the Santa Cruz Police Department was injured. Originally it was thought that he had broken his ankle, but while in the hospital for treatment it was determined that it was just a serious sprain, and not broken.

Although this is great news for the officer he will have to miss work while he recovers from his injury, leaving the police department short one more officer.  Desjardin was also taken to the hospital for observation while he detoxed from the hallucinogenic he was on.

Chase Desjardin was transported to Santa Cruz County Jail after his hospital stint and booked on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting a peace officer causing serious bodily injury, and battery on emergency personnel.  His bail has been set at $5,000.00.

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