Identity theft suspect is re-arrested, held on $500k bail

Identity theft suspect is re-arrested, held on $500k bail

SAN FRANCISCO – A repeat offender has been linked to defrauding more than 40 victims in San Francisco’s Taraval District, Police announced in a statement Thursday.

Police “re-arrested” Giovanni Lauretta, 30, of San Francisco, on Aug. 1, charging him with 20 counts of mail theft, possession of stolen property, and elder abuse. Lauretta was initially arrested on June 14 by members of the Taraval Station Investigations Team for nine counts of mail theft, identity theft, burglary, receiving stolen property, and elder abuse.

“Shortly after his arrest, Lauretta was released on his own recognizance and immediately began to re-offend,” police said in a news release. After Laureta’s re-arrest, Taraval Station Investigators then successfully petitioned the court to increase Lauretta’s bail to $500,000, “ensuring that he will not be released back into the community to re-offend,” police stated.

Taraval Station Investigators continue to work with U.S. Postal Inspectors on the investigation into Lauretta’s alleged criminal activities. SFPD is asking the public to contact Sergeant Farrell of the Taraval Station at 415-759-3120 or Sergeant Goldsborough at 415-759-3145 if you or someone you know has been a victim – or if you have any additional information on Lauretta.

The Taraval Station is located at 2345 24th Ave., San Francisco, Ca. 94116. Concerned residents may contact the station’s main line at 415-759-3100 or email the station at The Taraval District encompasses a large area of the western part of San Francisco that extends from the west of Twin Peaks to the Pacific Ocean.

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