FB Contact Helps End 10 Years of Abuse

FB Contact Helps End 10 Years of Abuse

SANTA ANA – After ten years of a coerced relationship with her mother’s boyfriend, a 25-year-old woman escaped from 41-year-old Isidro Garcia on Monday.

In August of 2004, the then 31-year-old Garcia was in a relationship with the girl’s mother.  He drugged and drove the 15-year-old daughter to Compton and began a litany of lies designed to coerce the child into staying with him.  Garcia informed her that her family had given up looking for her.  She had been reported missing in August of 2004.

The ersthwile couple moved several times over the course of the next few years.  Garcia attempted to maintain some semblance of a normal family with her, securing them employment together at a night cleaning service, marrying her in 2007 and, finally, fathering a child with her in 2012.  He allegedly used the threat of deportation to keep her “in line.”

Not long ago the victim contacted her sister and mother through Facebook, and this enabled her to summon the courage to call police.

Garcia was booked for kidnap for rape, lewd act with a minor and false imprisonment, and bail was set at 1 million dollars.

Neighbors in Bell Gardens saw the “family” as a normal and nice family who appeared to be the perfect couple.    Some even said Garcia “treated her like a queen.”  Other aspects of this story will surely come out over time.

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