Niland Slasher Found Guilty in Second Trial for Stabbing

Niland Slasher Found Guilty in Second Trial for Stabbing

NILAND – After arbitrarily slashing a woman across her face in September, a Niland man has been found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and mayhem.

In January 2013, authorities responded to a call in the 200 block of First Street in Niland, discovering a subject who had apparently been stabbed. The victim was transported to the hospital. Further investigation pointed to a Richard Williams of Niland as a suspect for the crime. Williams was subsequently arrested and booked into the Imperial County jail.

Williams went to trial for charges related to the crime. Ultimately the jury acquitted Williams of an attempted murder charge in case. Just weeks after the acquittal Williams once again found himself in jail, and again the suspect of a stabbing crime.

According to Marco Nunez, Imperial County deputy district attorney, in September a woman in her early 20s entered the home of Richard Williams, seeking to speak with his father. Upon entering the kitchen, Williams slashed her across her face without provocation. The victim fled with her sister and sought medical attention. The slashing wound was so brutal, that the hospital needed to practically reattach her ear.

Williams was once again arrested and charged for this attack. Last week a jury found him guilty of mayhem and assault with a deadly weapon. Mayhem is defined as unlawfully or maliciously disfiguring a person.

Williams is scheduled for sentencing on Jan. 24. Williams faces up to 16 years in prison due to an alleged prior felony.

According to the Imperial Valley Press, Nunez stated, “He won’t be indiscriminately slashing people for a long time.”

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