Vacaville Woman Convicted In Felony Animal Abuse Case

Back in May of this year Lillian Wohn, 23, abducted a newborn Barbados lamb from the Dixon May Fair, hitchhiked to the Burger City restaurant on Elmira Road in Vacaville, and proceeded to abuse the defenseless animal, according to several witnesses.

Abused baby Barbados lamb

After a two-day trial ending November 25, Wohn was found guilty of the abuse, which consisted of her feeding beer to and drop kicking the lamb across the Burger City parking lot. When the lamb cried out, she picked it up and swung it around by its legs. Prior to these actions, Wohn had, according to Burger City patrons and employees, cradled the lamb in her arms and called it “my baby.”

Kristy Fergen testified she unsuccessfully tried to take the lamb away from Wohn, who evaded Fergen. Grabbing bags of her belongings stashed in nearby bushes, she ran out of the parking lot.

Fergen and other Burger City patrons and employees followed Wohn into a nearby residential neighborhood, where she placed her bags and the lamb on a driveway of a Santana Drive home.

Wohn’s abuse of the animal occurred in the parking lot of the Vacaville Burger City

About this time Vacaville Police arrived in response to several 911 calls. After a scuffle with Wohn, officers arrested her. She was formally charged with Poisoning an Animal (Misdemeanor) and Cruelty To An Animal (Felony).

The baby lamb was treated and released into the care of a 4-H foster family residing on a nearby farm.

Wohn, is now lodged without bail in Solano County Jail and will appear back in court for sentencing December 23.

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