Vacaville Drama Teacher Cleared Of Felony “Lewd and Lascivious” Charges

At a hearing on November 20, a Solano County Superior Court Judge dismissed “lewd and lascivious” felony charges against Vacaville High drama teacher Rodney Orosco, who allegedly had acted inappropriately in a relationship with an underage student.

Rodney Orosco

The ruling by Judge Peter Foor came after testimony by Vacaville Police Detective Andrew Talton, who specializes in child abuse. He examined some 5,700 text messages exchanged between Orosco and the student between September, 2012 and June, 2013, when Orosco was arrested. Many were not written in English; Talton utilized online translation software to read them.

The student arrived one day in Orosco’s classroom, burst into tears and exclaimed there was trouble at home, Talton testified. Orosco gave her a hug, verbal reassurances and “a light peck” on the lips, the detective said. Then, in April, 2013, when the two were alone together in the school theater, Orosco dramatically carried the student in his arms across the stage and kissed her on the forehead. However, the student’s grandmother was watching through a window.

Sacramento criminal defense attorney Jon-Paul Valcarenghi, Orosco’s defense counsel, stated to the judge that the acts were innocent, and that the kiss was more of a “family type” kiss.

Prosecutors previously argued Orosco should be tried on the felony charges, since he was in a position of power and violated the student’s trust.

But Judge Foor dismissed the felonies and sent Orosco’s case to another judge who specializes in misdemeanors.

Orosco remains on unpaid leave from his teaching job and remains free on $15,000 bail.

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