Ontario Intruder Shot, Killed

ONTARIO – Police said a man shot an intruder who broke into his apartment early Monday morning.

The intruder, Thomas Gilbert Manzano, 24, of Barstow died at an area hospital after climbing in the window of the apartment complex, confronting the resident and reportedly threatening to kill the man. But the victim’s father went to get a weapon, came back into the room and shot the suspect.

Manzano entered an apartment apparently thinking it was the vacant unit he was staying in.

Sgt. Dave McBride said police were summoned to the 2500 block of East Riverside Dr. at 3:02 a.m. after several calls from residents who heard the commotion at the apartment complex.
“Believing they had returned to the vacant apartment, (Manzano), after trying unsuccessfully to enter, banged on the front door and woke up a father who told the suspect to go away,” according to McBride’s release.

“The suspect verbally threatened the father and then went to (the father’s) adult son’s bedroom window and forced his way into the son’s room. The sleeping son was confronted by the suspect, who attacked and threatened him.” Police said Manzano had broken through a rear window to the apartment. Reports said the two men brawled before the victim’s father came into the room with the gun. “He arms himself,” said McBride, “comes into the room and ends up shooting the suspect.”

Paramedics took the suspect to Kaiser Ontario Medical Center, where he died.

Manzano had been visiting his mother, who lived in the same complex, said police, and been visiting another man who had been living in a vacant unit. During the investigation, police said Manzano and the other man had spent several hours drinking alcohol before returning to the apartment complex. Police believe the two men mistakenly went to the victims’ home, thinking it was the vacant apartment. Manzano banged on the door, which awoke the father. When the father told Manzano to go away, he threatened the man and forced his way into the son’s bedroom. Both victims have been cooperative during the investigation and police confirmed the father is a legal gun owner.

The case will be presented to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s office for review. McBride said, “Obviously, they have the ability to protect themselves in their home with reasonable force.”

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