37 Catalytic Converters Confiscated

STOCKTON – What began as a speeding car alert turned into the discovery of a cache of stolen catalytic converters in a Fox Creek home in Stockton Monday.  A Mercedes sped by alert police officers who, after briefly losing sight of the vehicle, found it parked at a home in the 9000 block of Fox Creek.

Sophanny Poeun

A conversation with the occupants of the residents led to a search of the home where the purloined parts were discovered.  In addition, they also found a loaded handgun.

Some of the stolen converters

A 16-year old male was arrested as well as 20-year-old female Sanipha Kham.  Police also incarcerated 19-year-old Nhim Surteng and 21-year-old Jackson Ham. Lastly, 23-year-old Sophanny Poeum, a documented gang member, was also arrested.

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