Recaptured, Re-Booked, Re-Jailed

Humboldt Correctional Facility

The Humboldt Correctional Facility provides food, lodging, television and more, in addition to “a variety of programs and services to the inmates, such as educational classes provided by Eureka Adult Education, substance abuse education and treatment, AA and NA groups, jail ministry services and religious services,” as stated in the description of the Custody Services Bureau. One of its lodgers, however, did not like such a standard of living as he attempted to escape on Friday of last week, April 26.

According to the Humboldt Sheriff’s Office reports, James Miles, of McKinleyville, attempted an escape while his work crew was clearing brush in Eureka. His escape might have been successful if an off duty police officer, who was having an outing in the area, did not notice him. However, the police officer did notice the escapee and apprehended Miles before turning him over to the Correctional Officer.

Miles was returned to the Correctional Facility and booked for escape. If convicted, Miles will have to stay a year longer in the county jail in addition to the current year he is serving.

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