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There was a knock on the door, she opened it…

It’s a relieving feeling to wake up from a nightmare and realize it was only a dream. A 63-year-old McKinleyville woman, however, experienced a real nightmare on Monday when confronted by a Mongols gang member at her home.

Eric Eugene Lundin, 63

According to Humboldt Sheriff’s Office reports, the officers met the woman at a local hospital after they received a report that she was a possible kidnapping victim. The woman told them that she was alone at home, her son away, when she heard a knock at the door. It was when she opened the door that the nightmare began.

At her doorstep she saw Eric Eugene Lundin, a man her age, who did not waste time on hellos and how-are-you’s. Instead he decided to get down to business right away as he grabbed the woman by the neck and pushed his way into the house. Lundin informed his victim that he came because her son allegedly stole some marijuana from him. He yelled at the woman and shoved her backwards, then forced her to sit at the couch as he poured out what was on his mind.

As if he was following a certain plan, Lundin took out two semi-automatic guns and set them in front of the victim. Along with the guns he took out some pills, which he said were Methadone, and ordered her to take it so that she would overdose. The woman had no choice and therefore took the pills. As the victim was taking the pills, Lundin finally decided to fully introduce himself. He put her in the know that he is a member of a gang and does not intend on leaving any witnesses. Lundin then took one of the guns, held it to her head, and told her to call her son to come home. After that was done, Lundin ordered the woman to get into his truck as he destroyed her cell phone and broke the screen of her TV with his handgun.

Lundin was arrested at his home approximately in this area

Lundin took his victim for a ride to Arcata where he is from and then back to McKinleyville, telling her of different perfect places on the way. The perfect places, that is, to bury her body. The ride came to an end back at its starting point at the victim’s home. Lundin dropped off the woman at her home, told her that he got what he wanted (he apparently only wanted to scare her) and left.

However, the woman did not go home. Instead she came to the hospital where she met with the officers and told her story. After giving her report, she was admitted to the hospital, where she can hopefully recover from the horrifying experiences.

When they heard the woman’s story, officers took action right away by letting all the law enforcement agencies know to be on the lookout for Lundin. Lundin apparently did not attempt to hide. He was located at his home in Arcata and arrested for kidnapping, assault, brandishing of a firearm, burglary and being a convicted felon in possession of firearms. He was also taken to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked with a bail set at $100,000.

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